Monumentales’ mission is to bring culture to life, to immerse visitors in history during a visit. Very quickly, we decided to combine the beauty and simplicity of a paper map with the power and interactivity of a web application. Our phygital solution, adaptable to all and all budgets, was born.

The map takes you on a journey of discovery of the secrets and unsuspected riches of a town, a castle or a garden, with the added bonus of modern, colourful graphics and, above all, the sound and voice that take you back to the most beautiful times of the place. 

Our ambition is to give a taste of heritage (natural and cultural) to all those who pass through your territory, whether they are tourists or locals.We create audio immersions, they are are like a 2.0 audioguide filled with historical context and anecdotes.

We want to make your visitors fall in love with History, whether they are locals or international tourists!


Have fun solving our mysteries and completing "missions" !

Lively, fun and surprising itineraries inviting the whole family to discover and experience your site by taking part in photo challenges, answering quizz, solving mysteries and challenging your imagination. A low-tech product combined with a treasure hunt for children and adults alike.

Dive into History with our immersive audio!

The Monumentales audio immersions are intended to be both informative and poetic. They are taking you on a journey of artistic discovery . They invite you to see your sight in a new light.
Let yourself be carried away!

Learn new things while having a good time!

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Nicolas Dehorter


Antoine Jannin


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