Creating a treasure hunt for your site

Do you want to attract new customers to your cultural site? Attract more young adults or families with children? We have created a new type of treasure hunt, somewhere between a historical game and an interactive tour. The map is designed as a tool that allows you to discover each room of your cultural site by doing at least one activity.

The case of Vaucelles Abbey:

The idea was to make the place more alive by creating a riddle, told by the memory (ghost) of Robert de St Venant, one of the abbots who lived nearly 750 years ago.dipiscing elit. 

Once the visitors know about the theft of the Vaucelles treasure, they go off to carry out activities in each room which teach them about :

– the construction of abbeys, with a workshop on building a pointed arch.

– the life of the monks, with a game about masses and singing a famous nursery rhyme in the chapel.

– the production of manuscripts in the Middle Ages with a pen-and-ink workshop in the monks’ room.

– a game on food in the Middle Ages, which allows the children to discover which fruits and vegetables existed in Northern France in the 13th century.

All these activities will help them to better understand the place and eventually will lead the visitors to the treasure.