If you want to create a fun activity for your site (castle, city or museum), we can create a treasure hunt for you! 

Our treasure hunt is tailor-made for your venue! We like to create a treasure hunt that starts with a riddle to listen to! Then families have to move from one place to another to get the clues. Our special feature: The information is real! We don’t just play games, you learn something! 

At each stage you have to make a drawing, solve a puzzle, compose a song or build something to earn points! Solving the puzzle is done the way YOU imagine it! You can bury a real treasure or pick up a treasure item at your site’s shop!


PRICE: 8000€ HT
We we will do the research, write the content, take care of the design, record the voices and create the app.
You need to provide us with all the medias you have and give us all the historical content you have. You will be in charge of buying the materiel needed for the treasure hunt.

We can create a fun self guided tour for your venue! 

We have developed an immersive app allowing us to create an immersive, interactive and fun app self-guided tour for your site!

You will find :

A physical map because paper is NOT dead 🙂

A web application (that means you don’t need to download anything from the app store! 

You’ll find photos, videos AND sound! We are still working on finding our perfect actor so we might put some AI in our guides for now.

At each point of the tour your visitors have something to do: answer a quiz, solve a charade, or take a picture!

PRICE: Contact us for a quote! 

What if you allowed your visitors to visit your site from the comfort of their home? 

 Virtual tours are innovative communication tools that will allow you to show your visitors your tourist or cultural site from home, in a fun and innovative way in 360C! They can even use a VR headset, if they have one, for a total immersion.

It is an innovative cultural mediation tool that will help you to make your place known. The virtual tour can be accessible on site when part of your venue is closed to the public due to renovation or the organisation of a private event. You can also share it on an application or your website, on your various social networks and on Google maps.

PRICE: From 1€50 /m2 HT
to which a fixed price is added according to the level of customization desired for the addition of videos, photos and music. If you are interested in the idea, contact us and we can discuss together the shape of your virtual tour!